Overview of 50 MHz status in ITU Region 1


Allocation Table or EFIS

Other source

Algeria (PDR of)   ARA website
Andorra 50.0-52.0 MHz
Angola (Republic of)    
Armenia (republic of)    
Austria 50.0-52.0 MHz sec max. 100 Watt
Azerbaijani Republic    
Bahrain (Kingdom of)   50.0-50.5 MHz pri, 50.5-52.0 MHz sec as of March 2010
Belarus (Republic of)   operation allowed 1994-1998 (BFRR)
Belgium 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Benin (Republic of)    
Bosnia and Hercegovina 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Botswana (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Bulgaria (Republic of) 50.05-50.20 MHz sec  
Burkina Faso    
Burundi (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169 (removed from footnote WRC-12)
Cameroon (Republic of)    
Cape Verde (Republic of)    
Central African Republic    
Chad (Republic of)    
Comoros (union of the)    
Congo (Democratic Republic of the) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Congo (Republic of)    
Côte d'Ivoire    
Croatia (Republic of) 50.0-51.9 MHz sec  
Cyprus (Republic of)   50.0-51.0 MHz sec (CARS)
Czech Republic 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Denmark 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Djibouti (Republic of)    
Egypt (Arab Republic of)    
Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)    
Estonia (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Ethiopia (FDR of)    
Finland 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
France 50.2-51.2 MHz sec  
Gabonese Republic    
Gambia (Republic of the)    
Germany (Federal Republic of) 50.08-51.0 MHz sec  
Greece 50.0-52.0 MHz sec 50-52 MHz temporary (SV1IW 9 apr 06)
Guinea (Republic of)    
Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)    
Hungary (Republic of)   50.0-52.0 MHz sec 10 W ERP (fixed station) updated MRASZ July 2010
Iceland 50.0-52.0 MHz sec 18 kHz; G license 100 W, N license 50 W
Iraq (Republic of)    
Ireland 50.0-52.0 MHz sec 100 W updated IRTS July 2010
Israel (State of)    
Italy sec  
Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of) 50.0-51.5 MHz  
Kazakhstan (Republic of)    
Kenya (Republic of)    
Kuwait (State of)    
Kyrgyz Republic    
Latvia (Republic of)    
Lesotho (Kingdom of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Liberia (Republic of)    
Liechtenstein (Principality of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Lithuania (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Luxembourg 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Madagascar (Republic of)    
Malawi 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Mali (Republic of)    
Malta 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Mauretania (Islamic Republic of)    
Mauritius (Republic of)   not allowed (ops who activated 3B9C)
Moldova (Republic of)   not allowed (ARM)
Monaco (Principality of)   50.0-51.2 MHz (3A2LF)
Morocco (Kingdom of)    
Mozambique (Republic of)    
Namibia (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Netherlands (Kingdom of the) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec
50.0 – 50.45 MHz. 120 W p.e.p. for A1A and J3E modes and 30 W for all other modes.
50.45 – 52.0 MHz. 30 W for all modes. Crossband and duplex operations are not allowed
Niger (Republic of the)    
Nigeria (Federal Republic of) not in NAT (PB2T sept 04) amateur activity reported
Norway 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Oman (Sultanate of)   50.0-52.0 MHz sec as of June 2010. source ROARS A41KB
Poland (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Portugal 50.0-50.5 MHz for amateurs category A and B with 25 Watts Starting 26 April 2012 the band was extended to 50-52 MHz sec with 25 Watts. (ICP-ANACOM)
Qatar (State of)    
Russian Federation    
Rwandese Republic 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
San Marino (Republic of)    
Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)    
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of) not allowed CITC webpage
Senegal (Republic of) 50.0-51.0 MHz prim

FN 5.169

Serbia 50.0-51.9 MHz sec FN70 (NN25)
Seychelles (Republic of)    
Sierra Leone    
Slovak Republic 50.0-52.0 MHz sec
Slovenia (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz prim  
Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya    
Somali Democratic Republic   50.0-54.0 MHz
South Africa (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Spain 50.0-50.2 MHz (UN-100) 50.0-51.0 MHz from 1 Mar 05 (URE). 50-52 MHz from Nov 07. max power 100 W (10 W in Central Spain) (URE)
Sudan (Republic of the)    
Swaziland (Kingdom of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Sweden EFIS: no  
Switzerland (Confederation of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Syrian Arab Republic    
Tajikistan (Republic of)    
Tanzania (United Republic of)    
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia    
Togolese Republic    
Turkey NAT: no  
Uganda (Republic of)    
United Arab Emirates    
United Kingdom of GB and NI (incl. Gibraltar) 50.0-51.0 MHz prim 51.0-52.0 sec  
Uzbekistan (Republic of)    
Vatican City State    
Yemen (Republic of)    
Zambia (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Zimbabwe (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169

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